Workshops about the creation of tourist food and agricultural products in Galicia were held

    Participants in the project Food and Agricultural Routes of Galicia had the opportunity to participate in the workshops about the creation of product which were held in Vilalba, Palas de Rei, Folgoso do Courel and Riós.

    During the 12th, 13th, 14th and 20th July workshops on the creation of a tourist product were held. These workshops, given by the consultant ITC Ménsula, were addressed to those interested in participating in the Food and Agricultural Routes of Galicia such as representatives of organizations, associations, tourism business (hotels, restaurants) and, especially, food and agricultural industries.

    In these workshops, taught in a practical way, each participant was able to experience the product creation process: product definition, security elements for the product creation (spatial, temporal, operation, accessibility and price), in order to create a single product. They were also able to work in the creation of a combined package as well as in the existing marketing channels to value it and in the product distribution. Thus, the basic ideas were presented to add value to the several companies that will make up the food and agricultural route’s offer.

    Source: Agader