The project Food and Agricultural Routes of Galicia is presented to the member councils of each node

    Agader presented the Food and Agricultural Routes project to the mayors of the member councils of each pilot node of action.

    On the 29th and 30th of June the mayors of the councils located in the pilot areas of action in which the project Food and Agricultural Routes of Galicia will be started were informed about the objectives, goals and work plan of the project, funded by the Transnational Cooperation Operational Programme “Atlantic Area” under the action framework of the Cantata 2 project. The main objective of this project is the creation of a stable instrument of public-private cooperation to promote and develop comprehensively the food, agricultural, tourist and patrimonial resources of the territories or pilot nodes of action.

    The General Secretary of Agader spoke about the main activities of the project and their level of execution. Moreover, he explained the importance of institutions in the shaping, organization and maintenance of the food and agricultural routes. Concerning the audience, they showed great interest in the project and in the cooperation between public and public - private institutions.

    Source: Agader