Capon Fair (Vilalba)

    The "Feria del Capon" Vilalba, which this time will be held on Sunday 19 December, has about 1,300 copies of the 1,800 animals registered, and as usual that several units are sold before the show. A total of 63 farmers / ace Vilalba entire City Council present their geldings, which are mostly medium-weight race label, but one of them rearing the local breed of Mos.

    In the Plaza de la Constitution, as usual, will install a large tent to house geldings. Also have other typical products of the region, as the roulade of Vilalba, San Simon cheese Coast, and many others of great quality.

    Also you can sample this delicacy, as the hotel vilalbesa collaborates with the preparation of mutton-based tapas. Over thirty local involved in its preparation.

    The entire day will be entertained by local folk groups.

    Source: Concello de Vilalba