Agader will launch in Silleda two Galician projects focused on agro-food and enotourism

    One of them includes the promotion of Arzua-Ulloa cheese and corral rooster from Cruces

    Silleda will host the presentations of two tourist projects focused on agro-food and wine tourism, made by the Galician Agency for the Rural Development (Agader). The presentations will take place in the II Galicia Tourism Fair (Turexpo), from the 25th to the 27th March.

    The first initiative, Flavour Routes of Galicia will be shown by the Agader technician Mª Jesús Domínguez. It is based on four food and agricultural products with Protected Geographical Status: San Simon, Tetilla, Arzúa-Ulloa and Cebreiro cheeses; chestnut, honey and the poultry Vilalba capon, Vila de Cruces rooster and Mos hen. Around them, food and agricultural routes are established which tend to create an innovative touristic product to bring the visitor closer to production processes, culture, gastronomy and Galician rural environment landscape. They also tend to create a cooperation space among producers and companies to sustain food, agricultural and touristic activities.

    Flavour Routes of Galicia is framed in the Cantata 2 project, which aims to comprehensively develop the Galician rural environment through the promotion of its agro-products and its touristic potential. The local management group of the project is formed by Agader, Turgalicia, the General Secretariat for Tourism and the General Board of Innovation and Agriculture Industries.

    The other touristic project to be launched at Turexpo is Wine routes of the euro region Galicia-Northern Portugal. This project includes the creation, training and promotion of wine routes in this geographical area as a cooperation public-private instrument to improve the competitiveness of the wine industry as a strategic resource for economy and the development of wine tourism, as well as contributing to the rural environment diversification and showing the cultural value of the euro region.

    These routes, a touristic product organized around the thematic axis of wine and located in an area identified as a Wine Protected Geographical Status, include interesting wine, cultural and landscape resources as well as wineries and other business which offer restoration and leisure accommodation services.

    The geographical area of intervention refers to the councils included in the five Protected Geographical Status wines in Galicia (Rías Baixas, Ribeira Sacra, Monterrei and Valdeorras) as well as Vinhos Verdes in Portugal. These routes will be introduced by Sonia Torres, a technician from Agader.


    Source: Faro de Vigo