The landscapes and rich cultural heritage make Galicia a unique destination, where you can enjoy a rich and varied cuisine, with fame and prestige for the quality of their products.

    Protected Geographical Status Regulatory Boards guarantee the highest levels of quality of these products, among which there are meat, dairy products, honey or Galicia chestnuts.

    To raise the awareness of this rich cuisine, the initiative "Food and Agricultural Routes of Galicia" was created, consisting on several routes which let you enjoy the agricultural and industrial production process and the taste of the local cuisine. This initiative has, in its beginning, four ways of taste:

    • Flavours of the North-West: The northern lands keep among their treasures, prestigious dairy products such as San Simón da Costa or Tetilla cheeses, meats like Vilalba Capon or Galicia Honey.
    • Flavours on the Routes: The heart of Galicia holds a wide range of products, including dairy products such as Tetilla or Arzúa-Ulloa cheeses, meats such as Vila de Cruces roosters or Galicia honey and chestnuts.
    • Flavours of O Courel: placed in Lugo, these lands will please the most demanding palates with the Cebreiro cheese and the Galicia honey and chestnuts.
    • Flavours at the doors of Galicia. Southern Galicia hides a chestnut of great prestige, both in size and flavour.