Food and Agricultural Routes of Galicia

    Under the CANTATA 2 project an innovative form of tourism based on the typical products of Galicia (called “Food and Agricultural Routes of Galicia”) is been developed. A gastronomy route allows to know and enjoy an organized, agricultural and industrial production process and to taste the local cuisine.

    The abundance of Galician products with unique characteristics, many of which have been distinguished with a protected designation of origin or any other indication of quality protection, makes the chances of developing new products bigger. For the implementation of the food and agricultural routes, the following products were chosen: Galician cheese with Protected Designation of Origin (San Simon, Tetilla -or Galician conical cheese, Arzua - Ulloa, Cebreiro), Galicia PGI honey, Galicia PGI chestnut and traditionally raised poultry (capon and rooster from Vilalba and Vila de Cruces).